You make a mix. Burn two copies of it.

You send me both discs with 3 dollars.

In return you get my monthly mix plus someone else’s mix from somewhere else in the world.

It’s just that simple.

2 full-length mixes for $3 and minimal effort!

And shipping and handling is *FREE* within the Continental U.S.!

[Overseas should add the equivalent of $2.]

It doesn’t matter what kind of music is on your CD, as long as it’s a genuine effort to make a true mix CD and isn’t self-promotional. Featuring lesser-known bands/artists from your city/town is encouraged. Expressing yourself and your personal tastes is required. ;)

Discs should have a case or sleeve and liner notes/tracklisting as well, and should be mailed in proper protective packaging.


Not a mix-maker, but want one of my monthly discs? The Mixtress Online offers subscriptions.

Again, just that simple.

It’s a little effort for a huge bang; a jolt in your everyday, something to look forward to!

Sign up today by emailing me ( your name and mailing address, and in return I’ll send you the PO Box mailing info!

And don’t forget to follow through…


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