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buy this: vintage gold jukebox necklace

10 Jan

“This adorable jukebox pendant tells the story of a 50’s couple dancing by the jukebox. it is adorned with blue and red/orange beads that are placed in just the right places. it is set on an amazing 36” snake chain. it is truly one of a kind and has a fantastic shine. “

$18 + S/H from Bangarang Vintage on Etsy


“The Apple Boogie”

8 Jan

In 1987, Apple released its own music album: The Apple Boogie.

The tape, featuring 8 examples of upbeat 80’s goodness, was created to hand out at Apple sales conferences.

Lucky for us, The Apple Boogie was converted to MP3 over six years ago, in the age of dial-up, and uploaded to an Apple-centric website in South Africa. All eight tracks are listed, available for download, complete with covers and lyrics.

Bonus find: Apple’s old theme song “Apple.Power.Passion”

(via thenextweb)

buy this: Audiobulb wireless speaker lightbulbs

4 Jan

For only $299 (for a set of two), you and yours can wirelessly listen to music from these Audiobulbs — speaker/light source combos.  An included dock transmits music to the bulbs from any music device or iPhone (up to 100 feet away), and the light emitted is comparable to a 60w bulb (and LED means that it’ll last longer, too).

Reminds me of this joke:

Q: How many sound guys does it take to screw in a lightbulb? 

A:  “Hey man, I just do sound.”

buy this (if you’ve got money to burn): John Baldessari “Person With Guitar”

6 Dec

Person With Guitar (Red), 2004 — John Baldessari
3-layer, 5-color screenprint construction (mounted to Sintra and hand cut)

framed: 35″ x 41″ x 3″ (165.1 x
104.1 x 7.6 cm)
edition of 4

Buy It Now price of $22,800 (or “Make An Offer”) on eBay, plus $500 shipping.

buy this: 3-tier dessert stand, made from 50s records

4 Dec

Just in time for holiday baking — $19.99, by GraceFilledHands on Etsy

Russell Simmons proposes Constitutional amendment at Occupy Boston [@wearethe99prcnt]

15 Nov

Following this morning’s raid on Occupy Wall Street’s home, Zuccotti Park in NYC, Def-Jam co-founder Russell Simmons called an emergency press conference today at the Occupy Boston site in Dewey Square, notifying protestors of his arrival with an earlier tweet.

To a crowd of about 200, he announced that he is presenting and backing proposed legislation that would require public funding for all candidates for federal office, an amendment written by a senior member of Congress (who will remain unnamed until a Republican co-sponsor is found).

Simmons speaks to press, but not before switching out his Yankees hat for a Red Sox one, given to him by a protestor

“All the things that ill effect the 99 percent are in some way connected to corporations getting priority over people. I’m not saying capitalism is bad, [that] corporations shouldn’t sit around and conspire on how to take the money out of people’s pockets — they should do that, that’s their job, turn a profit to their investors, but it should not be a job to pay off politicians. That is the core of demands of all of the occupations.”

The music mogul has been vocal throughout the Occupy protests, urging citizens through “hip-pop” site Global Grind, as well as his Twitter feed to “support the 99%” and “make our voices heard”.

(via The Hollywood Reporter and Global Grind)

Mission of Burma announce January 2012 Boston shows

1 Nov


Boston post-punk/indie rock legends Mission of Burma have confirmed a two shows at Brighton Music Hall in Allston, MA, scheduled for January 20-21, 2012.

Exclusive fan pre-sale tickets go on sale November 2nd at 10am!  Click here tomorrow morning to get your ticketsOtherwise, tickets will go on sale to the public on Friday, November 4th at noon.