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The end of

13 Feb

Ladies, gents, dedicated readers:

Due to the difficulty of licensing music for play and distribution, I’ve been having trouble posting mixes and maintaining the exchange-by-mail.  I am now very far away from the concept with which I started, and I find myself not very interested in maintaining a  photo/video blog…fun and funny as it can be, it’s really a glorified Tumblr, and those are a dime a dozen.  I’m sure you’ve noticed my posts have been few and far between…

I am working on a new site, one that combines music, live shows and playlists with my rising career as a special diets chef and my involvement and interest in the world of food.  Good and new things are in the works, and in time they’ll be cultivated enough to share  ;)

Please keep checking back for news on this — alternatively, you can sign up for the RSS feed or email notifications, which will alert you to any future posts here.

Thanks very much for your interest and support over the last 5 years.


Jules, “The Mixtress”


Punk Isn’t Dead…

12 Oct

Just has the, y’know, PLAGUE that everyone seems to have.  Not thinking about blogging, more like sleep and soup.  Back soon.

And also this:


new year, new face

9 Jan

What do you guys think?  Changed pretty much everything around when it comes to site layout; was overdue for a facelift  :)

The only thing not tackled today are the mix archive updates.  There are so many as-yet-unpublished mixes for the past year+ just waiting to go up, and I was waiting for this day to come, to have a new site in place, to begin the process of getting everything online.

Also new for 2011 will be DOWNLOADABLE MIXES!  A few more weeks of site-tinkering and we’ll be there. And I’ll be doing plenty of squawking about it, I’m sure, so you won’t miss a thing if you’re a daily reader (which of course you are, right?). … To your right you’ll find a handy-dandy “Email Subscription” button, so once signed up you’ll receive notifications of new content.

Thanks for your patience, and for the numerous letters of support I continue to receive whenever there’s any longer-than-normal period of site down-time.

sunny FL

23 Dec

Off for a holiday vacation…boarding the plane, noise-blocking headphones on and rocking Sleigh Bells!

See you in 2011.

my time is like water down a drain

29 Nov

Might be another week or two before blogging starts up again…hold yer horses but yet, keep your emails and comments coming in the meantime!  Love them.

Lollapalooza 2010

1 Aug

Off I go for another year of Artist Relations/Artist Transportation!  Posts will be sparse for the next week+ while I’m in Chicago.  Happy August!

Kevin Hoskins: newest booking agent for Emo’s in Austin!

11 Jul is *so* proud to announce that our buddy Kevin Hoskins, the much-loved former booking agent for Boston’s The Middle East venue, has relocated to Austin, TX and has assumed the position of booking agent for the popular and hoppin’ Emo’s!

We already miss him here but recognize this as a promotion and a door that’s been opened for Kev in terms of new opportunities and climbing that ol’ career ladder. Congratulations, Big Hos!  Much love and best of luck from