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buy this: vintage gold jukebox necklace

10 Jan

“This adorable jukebox pendant tells the story of a 50’s couple dancing by the jukebox. it is adorned with blue and red/orange beads that are placed in just the right places. it is set on an amazing 36” snake chain. it is truly one of a kind and has a fantastic shine. “

$18 + S/H from Bangarang Vintage on Etsy


Ludacris to open “Chicken-n-Beer” in Atlanta airport

9 Jan

Among the 150 food, beverage and retail sites approved for Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport is rapper-turned-restauranteur Ludacris’ newest culinary venture, a comfort food and craft beers eatery named “Chicken-n-Beer” (after his third album with the same name).

Ludacris is closing his Midtown restaurant Straits Atlanta to focus in this direction with Atlanta Restaurant Partners, considering Straits to be a “segue into the industry” and looking forward to executing his own concept with Chicken-n-Beer.

(via eater)

Black Sabbath reuniting for new album and tour

16 Nov


The original lineup of the legendary heavy metal band BLACK SABBATH announced on Friday (November 11) that it was reuniting for its first new album in 33 years and a 2012 world tour.

Singer Ozzy Osbourne, guitarist Tony Iommi, bassist Geezer Butler and drummer Bill Ward revealed during a press conference at legendary Sunset Strip club Whisky a Go Go they were working on new material for the album which will be made available Vertigo/Universal Republic in the U.S. and Vertigo in all other territories. There is no title as yet but it will be produced by Rick Rubin, who has previously worked with METALLICA, SLIPKNOT, SLAYER and SYSTEM OF A DOWN, among many others. The band hopes to begin recording the CD in January for a fall 2012 release. A world tour will follow, including an appearance at the U.K.’s Download festival on June 10, 2012.

“It’s now or never. We are getting along great. Everything’s really good,” Iommi said.

“It’s like putting on an old glove. It’s fantastic,” he added.

The band credited Rubin‘s persistence for helping get them back in the studio. “He phoned us every five minutes,” Iommi joked.

“It was the obvious choice,” explained Osbourne of Rubin as producer. “I’ve known Rick for many years.”

“It was time,” said Osbourne of the reunion. “The timing was right.”

Osbourne went on to reveal that they’ve written “seven or eight” new songs for the album, which they plan to release at the end of next year.

Butler added that the new songs are “back to the old SABBATH style and sound. The stuff that Tony‘s been playing is absolutely brilliant.”

Rubin, who was also present at the event, said: “We’ve been working on developing material and we’re halfway into the writing process. It’s inspiring hearing what’s coming out.”  (via Roadrunner Records/

Check out the press conference in its entirety, below, or click here for a two-minute highlights clip.

Russell Simmons proposes Constitutional amendment at Occupy Boston [@wearethe99prcnt]

15 Nov

Following this morning’s raid on Occupy Wall Street’s home, Zuccotti Park in NYC, Def-Jam co-founder Russell Simmons called an emergency press conference today at the Occupy Boston site in Dewey Square, notifying protestors of his arrival with an earlier tweet.

To a crowd of about 200, he announced that he is presenting and backing proposed legislation that would require public funding for all candidates for federal office, an amendment written by a senior member of Congress (who will remain unnamed until a Republican co-sponsor is found).

Simmons speaks to press, but not before switching out his Yankees hat for a Red Sox one, given to him by a protestor

“All the things that ill effect the 99 percent are in some way connected to corporations getting priority over people. I’m not saying capitalism is bad, [that] corporations shouldn’t sit around and conspire on how to take the money out of people’s pockets — they should do that, that’s their job, turn a profit to their investors, but it should not be a job to pay off politicians. That is the core of demands of all of the occupations.”

The music mogul has been vocal throughout the Occupy protests, urging citizens through “hip-pop” site Global Grind, as well as his Twitter feed to “support the 99%” and “make our voices heard”.

(via The Hollywood Reporter and Global Grind)

Mission of Burma announce January 2012 Boston shows

1 Nov


Boston post-punk/indie rock legends Mission of Burma have confirmed a two shows at Brighton Music Hall in Allston, MA, scheduled for January 20-21, 2012.

Exclusive fan pre-sale tickets go on sale November 2nd at 10am!  Click here tomorrow morning to get your ticketsOtherwise, tickets will go on sale to the public on Friday, November 4th at noon.

buy this: All City Breakers by Kidrobot

7 Sep

“Straight out of the South Bronx, Kidrobot’s first series of All City Breakers celebrates the best dance style born from 70’s hip-hop culture.”

Kidrobot, breaking it down!  Blind-boxed, foil-wrapped B-boys and B-girls frozen in style.  Ten sculpts in four neon colors, flaunting moves from power to freeze, accompanied by individual boomboxes.  The 2-inch, injection-molded mini series’ design is inspired by the old-school, classic look of ABS toy army men with attached bases.  Scheduled to release September 15 and will retail for $1.95 each.  Look for them at Kidrobot locations!

A note: for those of you less-than-enthused with blind box products/the thrill of the hunt, who just want an immediate dance party, it’s being reported that Kidrobot will offer 20-packs of the All City Breakers series. Each pack (bagged, cardboard top) seems to come with 2 of each of the 10 figures and all are in the same colorway of either blue, pink, green, or orange, but will have only 5 boomboxes inside.  The 20-packs will retail for $29.95, a $10 savings from the individual price.  [Why, hello there, party favors.]

HOMEGROWN III: Boston’s Undergrou(n)d Music Festival on Kickstarter

4 Aug

With 27 days to go, the Kickstarter funding efforts are only at 3% of the goal when it comes to Bodies of Water Shows’ HOMEGROWN III: Boston’s Underground Music Festival, set for October 14-16, 2011, if all monies come in.

…So hard, trying to fund a DIY-type project with DIY folks who don’t have much to spare…but if we all chip in a little, the third annual HOMEGROWN can be a reality.  The goal is $3,500 by September 1st.

“HOMEGROWN began in 2009 as a festival dedicated to the most interesting sounds to be found in the great Northeast. Over 40 weird and wild bands came together in july of 09′ for the first HOMEGROWN, and then over 65 more in october of 10′ for HOMEGROWN II. HOMEGROWN III, set for lift off on OCTOBER 14th 2011, is bringing together over 60 more bands from the Northeast and far beyond to create an even bigger clamor, an even larger splash, an even odder sound. The whales in that there Atlantic Ocean will not know what to do with themselves. They are however invited to attend, and perform, if the logistics can be worked out.

The 4th Wall Project is the PLACE. BODIES OF WATER SHOWS, deep into its 10th year of bringing Greater Boston the weird and wonderful(and on the prowl for a space of its own) is the PRESENTER. Wild garage rock, droned out bliss, electronic beat of the world, crushing Sabbath-isms, UGLY rock, Beefheartian guitar wizardy, funk from lands beyond, cosmic pop from the opposite, and the dreams of music made for dreaming will all be part of THE THING.

Boston is full of beautiful artists and music makers. This is a weekend to celebrate the most interesting and unique facets of the larger Greater Boston area musical community. Records will be for sale! Record labels will be represented! People will be selling all kinds of home made style goods! A good time will be had by all. Tell the college kids that school work is out the window for this weekend. Come together and celebrate what it really is, and leave behind the mundane skin that your mother put you in. THIS IS BOSTON’S UNDERGROUND MUSIC FESTIVAL. IT IS CALLED HOMEGROWN III. It’s like the festival that would happen if someone was actually paying attention to what was SIMPLY AWESOME & INTERESTING and that was it. This is that.

Your donation will be put toward the many costs involved with putting on a DIY All Ages Music Festival in the greater Boston area including: permitting, backline, space rental, sound equipment rental/sound engineers, police details, advertising, etc.

HOMEGROWN is B.O.W. Shows’ largest event of the year and thus our biggest weapon in raising awareness of interesting local music, and broadening the general fanbase of the unique and interesting musical scenes that exist in the Greater Boston area. 

Some press for previous HOMEGROWN fests:
Boston Phoenix article on HOMEGROWN II article on HOMEGROWN II
Boston Globe article on HOMEGROWN II
or if you are not a Globe subscriber click HERE to read full text(scroll down to 3rd article on page)


noise nomads(w mass)
extreme animals(nyc)
the men(nyc)
happy jawbone family band(vt)
horse spirit penetrates(w. mass)
greg kelley(boston)
truman peyote(L.A.)
grass widow(sf)
white fence(sf)
dust commander(members of oneida) (boston)
estrogen highs(ct)
“cave bears”(w mass)
zebu(w mass)
the sediment club(nyc)
regal degal(nyc)
glenn jones(boston)
needy visions(boston)
white limo(w mass)
the psyched(nyc)
blues control(nyc)

cop city/chill pillars(florida)
kid romance(boston)
holy sheet(ri)
baby names(boston)
village of spaces(maine)
hands and knees(boston)
prince rama(nyc)
chris north dream quartet(boston)
peace, loving(boston)
bobb trimble and his flying spiders(boston)
pc worship(nyc)
royal baths(sf)
golden girls(ma)
the clippers(boston)
rotten apples(boston)
the craters(boston)
big digits(boston)
hurricans of love(boston)
doomstar(boston)” is proud to have donated some funds their way…cheers to you guys and good luck!