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Serge on Serge

3 Feb


“we have contacted the humans, but…”

27 Jan

“Helpful Kitchen Danzig”

26 Jan

Helpful Kitchen Danzig tumblr.

Once again (and as always), thanks, Internet.

the new age of “a/s/l”?

13 Jan

Well played, Stranger.

Ludacris to open “Chicken-n-Beer” in Atlanta airport

9 Jan

Among the 150 food, beverage and retail sites approved for Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport is rapper-turned-restauranteur Ludacris’ newest culinary venture, a comfort food and craft beers eatery named “Chicken-n-Beer” (after his third album with the same name).

Ludacris is closing his Midtown restaurant Straits Atlanta to focus in this direction with Atlanta Restaurant Partners, considering Straits to be a “segue into the industry” and looking forward to executing his own concept with Chicken-n-Beer.

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Happy 65th Birthday, David Bowie

8 Jan

[[ You’re officially a senior citizen! ]]

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“The Apple Boogie”

8 Jan

In 1987, Apple released its own music album: The Apple Boogie.

The tape, featuring 8 examples of upbeat 80’s goodness, was created to hand out at Apple sales conferences.

Lucky for us, The Apple Boogie was converted to MP3 over six years ago, in the age of dial-up, and uploaded to an Apple-centric website in South Africa. All eight tracks are listed, available for download, complete with covers and lyrics.

Bonus find: Apple’s old theme song “Apple.Power.Passion”

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