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29 year-old Bostonian, consumed with attending as many live shows as possible without dropping dead of exhaustion or freezing to death here on the icy East Coast.  Believe me, it’s a balance.  I used to play in a few local bands but am now resolved to behind-the-scenes hand-holding and enabling of working musicians.  I enjoy picklebacks and keeping it real, sometimes both to a fault.

My music collection is corpulent and so is my cat, Lou. He is named for Lou Reed of the Velvet Underground.  Sometimes I call him the Velvet Underbelly.

Most of the year I split my time between being a PT nanny and a PT private chef, as well as act as music supervisor for indie flicks, compiling and licensing film soundtracks and creating custom compilations.  During the summer and early fall, I work in Artist Relations/Transportation for many of the larger festivals like Lollapalooza and Austin City Limits.

I love the beat more than you can ever imagine.



The Mixtress Online was established in 2007 as a vehicle for unsigned artists, a social experiment and also to act as a side project and outlet for a mixtape enthusiast and musician, founder Jules Bennett.

Monthly mixes strive to represent both the better-known and littler-known bands and artists; endeavor to expose the listener to a variety of music.  Unlike other compilations, where the artists have to pay to be involved, this project pulls a switcheroo so that a paying mix exchange participant receives the music and the artists are chosen to be on the discs for free.

The exchange is something a little different, evokes a feeling of unity as well as sparks creativity in the participants. The exchange holds responsible those involved. It gives a sense of satisfaction, to have signed up for a project and to have followed through, and to be rewarded for that effort with a tangible result. Considering all aspects, the project is reminiscent of that good ol’ fashioned do-it-yourself spirit as well as the concept that you really can still get a lot for a little. And, even though all levels of success are represented on The Mixtress Online monthly mixes — the project should also reflect that I am rooting most for the awesome bands that could really use the press and exposure. Just starting out, or friends of friends, however I find them or they find me…this project wouldn’t exist at all if not for their inspiration and support.

Through connections with record labels, friendships with other music sites, festivals, independent music stores, bands and the music community, The Mixtress Online remains a relevant and informed source for all types of music.

Yes, The Mixtress Online is again accepting artist submissions for future mixes! If you are an artist who would like to be considered for an upcoming compilation, or are management hoping to promote an artist this way, please e-mail me at julia@themixtressonline.com. It IS free for artists, but I am selective. Understandably, not everyone is featured.

All featured artists are sent a copy of that month’s disc, and also get the excellent press of a write-up/review in that month’s blog.


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